Global Labs Pathologists

GCVL is a dedicated SANAS accredited clinical trials. Diagnostic and research laboratory and offers confidential, personalized and efficient service, which matches the stringent requirements of clinical research in accordance with ISH GCP/GLP/GCLIP, as well as diagnostics self-services for day to day practicing clinicians, clinics, and hospitals.


Dr. Aarthi Singh


Dr. Aarthi Singh joined Global Labs in 2016 as a clinical microbiologist in charge of the Tuberculosis Lab and AIDS Clinical Trials Group Research Projects.  After qualifying from WITS in 1996, her career spanned many years in clinical medicine both locally and abroad.

The pivotal choice to pursue Pathology in Clinical Microbiology was made from experience gained in HIV and TB whilst working at CAPRISA for five years. She thereafter joined the Department of Microbiology at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital in specialist academia.

She can be contacted for all Clinical Microbiology and Virology queries at Global Laboratories on 031 904 0500 / 083 778 1101

Dr. Fathima Deedat


Dr. Fathima Deedat is a medical Microbiologist, and the Chief Pathologist at Global Labs.Her range of expertise is Microbiology, Tuberculosis, Serology and Virology.  After devoting 23 years to Government/NHLS service, she now holds a full-time position at Global Labs.

She is passionate about personally assessing every single culture that arrives in the microbiology lab, and advising accordingly.  She is available at any time to discuss queries relating to her areas of expertise on 031 904 0500 or 082 786 5620

Dr. Somashree Moodley


Dr. Somashree Moodley is a specialist Haematopathologist whose range of expertise includes analysis of bone marrow aspirates, trephine biopsies, peripheral blood smears, coagulation, haemolytics, immunophenotyping, and transfusion medicine.

After graduating as a medical doctor from the university of Pretoria in 2001, she spent 2 years as a medical officer in clinical Haematology, and subsequently trained for five years as a registrar in Haemotopathology in KZN.  She qualified as a Consultant Haematopathologist in 2012, receiving the NHLS regional award for Academic Excellence in the Registrar category.  She is available at any time to discuss queries related to her areas of expertise on 031 904 0500 or 083 271 1129